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Amos Pictures is an independent production company making documentaries for TV and the web.

Amos Pictures Dan Reed

Amos Pictures was established in 2012 by triple BAFTA-winning director Dan Reed.

We are a young, independent production company dedicated to telling incredible true stories, up close and in style.

Dan Reed Bafta-winning director
BAFTA-winning director Dan Reed

We're growing quickly. Already, our films have been broadcast on Channel 4, played on stadium screens at a Beyoncé concert, and gone viral online. In 2014, we'll be releasing major projects for the BBC, HBO and Channel 4.

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Bafta-winning director Dan Reed
BAFTA-winning director Dan Reed
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About Dan

Dan is one of the UK's most distinguished documentary makers. In a career spanning 25 years he's made films about earthquakes, tsunamis, civil wars, terrorist sieges, prison breaks, gangsters, drug dealers, vigilantes and John Lewis. He's been nominated for six Baftas and won three. Dan has also directed drama for ITV, BBC and Channel 4.

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Dan Reed Partners DocumentaryDan Reed Terror in MoscowDan Reed The Lost PlatoonDan Reed Children of the Tsunami

Dan Reed's exemplary film replaces tabloid hysteria with the voice of calm.
The Times

About Tom

Tom specializes in tricky access to uncharted worlds. He spent a year living with the leader of the EDL and a band of Islamic extremists for Proud and Prejudiced (C4) and documented the delicate final weeks in the life of locked-in syndrome sufferer Tony Nicklinson for Let My Dad Die (C4).

In late 2012, he joined Dan and Rachel in setting up Amos Pictures, beginning by negotiating access to underground drug chemists and teenage users of new synthetic drugs for Legally High, Amos' first Channel 4 commission.

Tom has also directed films for Vice and iD.

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Tom Costello Amos
Tom is currently working on two documentaries for Channel 4's True Stories, due out in 2014, as well as developing a raft of ambitious new films.

About Rachel

In her 16 years in TV production, Rachel has worked with everyone from Andy McNab to Nigella Lawson, BMX stunt riders to gold-medal winning Paralympians, pop stars to war veterans, porn barons to prime ministers' wives.

Alongside some of the industry's greatest directing talents, she's made a huge array of content for MTV, Channel 4, Discovery, The History Channel, the BBC, Red Bull, the MoD and many more. She has also produced several films for the London 2012 Paralympics Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

Rachel Naughton Amos
Rachel is currently overseeing production on all of Amos' films.

About Chloe

Chloe recently graduated with a first class Masters in Film Anthropology from Manchester University, where she made documentaries about strippers, squatters and steroids. She joined Amos in early 2013 to hunt down contributors for #shoutingback, a short film for Gucci's Chime for Change campaign fronted by Beyoncé. The finished piece went viral, and currently has over 2 million views online.

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Chloe Symonds Amos
Chloe is currently researching a major project for Channel 4's True Stories, due out in late 2014, and is always developing new projects.

About Sasha

Sasha is a self-shooting producer and photojournalist and has worked on British and American television documentary productions and investigative projects. Sasha has spent an extended amount of time investigating and producing projects on the oil industry, peace in the Middle East, displaced people in East Africa, violent extremism in the UK and obtained exclusive access to footage of foreign fighters joining the conflict in Syria.

Sasha Achilli Amos
Sasha is currently based overseas, working on Amos' latest film for the BBC and HBO.

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